Welcome to the 2018 Annual Planning Survey

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

The Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board establishes generally accepted accounting principles applicable to federal financial reports. The Board provides guidance after considering the needs of external and internal users of federal financial information.

We are seeking your input regarding standard-setting priorities for the coming three years. Our annual report and three-year plan is available at (See annual report and three-year plan. You may wish to examine this plan as you complete question 6 in this survey.)

The three-year plan presents information regarding our currently active projects, our research project, and potential projects. It represents the views of the members at this time. Members would like to hear from stakeholders whether they agree. The objective of this consultation is therefore to:

• solicit feedback on whether FASAB’s active projects are appropriate and progress is adequate, and
• obtain stakeholder views on the proposed technical agenda for 2019‒2021.

Feedback will assist the Board in evaluating future project priorities, possible new agenda items, and allocating its resources to best fulfill its mission.

Confidentiality of Responses

Comments and responses submitted in this survey will not be associated with individual names, and respondent names will not be listed in any report on the responses.

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Contact Ross Simms, Assistant Director of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board at (202) 512-2512 if you have questions or need assistance.

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