INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Internal Scan Survey Questions for All INTOSAI Members

Welcome to the planning process for the INTOSAI Strategic Plan, 2023-2028.

An integral part of INTOSAI's strategic planning process is the internal scan. Through this best practice, we assess the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges through structured questions answered by INTOSAI's members and discussed by INTOSAI Regional Organizations. These survey questions are based on the SWOT management and strategic planning tool which is a standard approach used in strategic planning, including by SAIs. The SWOT acronym refers to our analysis of an organization's internal Strengths and Weaknesses (challenges), and external Opportunities and Threats. In addition to the SWOT analysis questions, this survey also asks SAIs specific questions regarding INTOSAI initiatives. The following survey questions are intended to help INTOSAI learn from its members and plan for the future. Your candor and input are essential to this process.

INTOSAI Strategic Plan

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